Editing and ommision

Editing and ommision (b) maintain (d) excellence . Q9CQ-OUeL-d¯ The following paragraph has not been edited. Therei ed line. Identify the error and write the correction a, k number. The'first one has been done as an example. One mcxning I finished one business at the bank _ænd_was returning in pick up my motorbike which I-h in the parking lot outside. Suddenly he realised that had lost the bike key. Upset, I searched about it in the bank. A bank employee tried to help me find it and in vain. Error (a) in Correction +0

One: a
In: to
He: I
And: but
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One: a?
In: to?
He: I?
And: but
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Please find this answer

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in : to
he : I
and : but
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