1.The god-like qualities planted with us at birth
2.grow amid the thorns of our fault.Many of us
3.look at ourselves and see only the thorn, the defects.
4.We despair thinking that anything god can possibly
5.come for us.We neglect to water the god within us,
6.and eventually it dies.We ever realize our potential.
7.some people does not see the rose within themselves
8.someone else must show it to them.One of the great
9.gifts a person can possesses is to be able to reach past the
thorns in others, and find the rose within them

1.with - in
2.fault - faults
3.thorn - thorns
4.anything - nothing
5.for - from
6.ever - never
7.does - do
8.great- greatest
9.possesses - possess

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