children love picnics and outings with their parents
1.though they are equally happier doing these things with
2.them around the house.A parent may make 
3.his child feels special by following some simple
4.rituals, bedtime stories, the game of cards or
5.simply talking and laugh together before going to 
6.bed.This give children a wonderful sense 
7.of well beung.They hardly ever forgot these moments 
8.and cherish them throughout these lives.

1.happier - happy
2.may - can
3.feels - feel
4.the - a
5.laugh - laughing
6.give - gives
7.forgot - forget
8.these - their

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I haven't u must do it on ur own....Expert plzz answer her if she has any problem in this question ,.,.,.<><><><><><><><
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