Eekanki Sancahy, Sukhi dali detailed summary in English

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One begins with the dialogue between the elder daughter-in-law and Indu. Indu tells the elder daughter-in-law in anger that the younger daughter-in-law does not count anyone in front of her maternal uncle. He removed Rajva, who worked for ten years in the house, and was also angry at Indu's explanation. At that time, the little sister-in-law comes with Rajva. Rajwa is crying, the younger sister-in-law pleases to keep her with her. At the same time, the daughter-in-law enters laughing and tells that the younger daughter-in-law has kept the furniture out of her room. He has told Parvesh that he will not keep broken broken chairs in his room. When he did not listen to Paresh, he went to Dada. Majali Bahu said that the tongue of the little daughter-in-law is very moving. Indu also supported this and said that the younger daughter-in-law did not wash the dad's clothes yet. Little sister-in-law directs Indu to wash clothes. In the second scene, the bald boy Kamchand Dada is pressing the feet of his grandfather, then the sounds of opening the children's tones from outside. He scolds them. Dada says that his family is like a banyan tree in which even after pouring lakhs of water, it can not help. They tell about the fear of separation of Paresh and the ego of the younger daughter-in-law. After this, Kamchand goes and comes to the fore. He tells that everyone in the house dislikes his wife Bela, so she wants to make a different family. Dada says that his life will not happen and he will call all the people of the house and explain them. They tell him that the younger daughter-in-law has come from a big house and has written it. They say that no one will disdain him or they will break their bondage from that family. In the third scene, Bella is reading a book sitting in the verandah and says that the people of this house are weird and sometimes warm like fire and sometimes soft like wax. At that time her mother-in-law comes and asks her to buy new furniture by going to the market with pity. After that, the younger sister-in-law, the middle sister-in-law and the elder daughter-in-law come and recommend Rajva. But no one sits with him when he says. Bela complains that they are behaving like hers with her. They laugh about talking about any incident of the neighborhood and do not tell him even at the request of Bela. Bela Paresh tells her to send her maid because people in the house are afraid of him and do not let him do any work. Paresh says that she does not understand what she wants and goes. Bela sees sister in-laws weeping. Upon asking, she knows that Dada has asked everyone to give her special respect. She starts washing clothes with Indu in the verandah. When grandfather saw this, Indu says that he has not asked Bela to work, she is doing it with her own wish. Bela tells Dada that you do not want to be separated from the cast tree but would you like it to be wiped by drying on the tree.
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