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Tsunami refers to the long or towering waves which are generally formed in the oceans. The name tsunami has been derived from two Japanese words: ‘tsu’ means harbor and ‘nami’ means waves.
They are caused by an earthquake or tectonic movements.
It displaces a large volume of water. Unlike the normal tidal waves, Tsunami waves are gigantic and so results in much destruction. It is destructive also because it is very speedy and it lashes on the shores with huge power. Thus the Tsunami waves wash away a major part of the shore. Geologists, seismologists and oceanographers are trying their best to give updates about a tsunami. People, who live near the coastal region, especially the fishermen are advised to follow some precautions for their survival during that situation.
  • Tsunami causes huge destruction of life and property on the sea coast.
  • The effects of a tsunami depend on the characteristics of the seismic event and distance from the origin.
  • Tsunamis arrive as a forceful rapid increase in water levels that results in violent flooding.
  • Objects and buildings are destroyed by the sheer weight of the water.
  • Tsunami waves destroy boats, buildings, bridges, cars, trees, telephone lines, power lines.
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