Elucidate the remark made by Derry, " Handsome is as handsome does ".

Dear student,

True beauty lies skin deep. Appearances change and outer beauty fades away, but our actions live on after us. 'Handsome is as handsome does' is an apt statement. Our actions define who we actually are! If we are kind and generous, honest and sincere, proactive and helpful, we are likeable and affable. We become attractive to others when we behave well, we assist them, we make relevant social changes. Derry realises the fact that his face should not make much of a difference to him because people will judge him by his appearance forever but his actions can make them think good about him and respect him. This value was inculcated in him by Mr. Lamb, who made him believe in himself and not be shy because he had a half burnt face.


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