elucidate the series of events held to win the battle of Champaran.

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After visiting Champaran, Gandhi went to see the commissioner of Tirhut for gathering all the necessary information about the plight of the  indigo cultivators. Unfortunately, he was rebuked and asked to leave. However, Gandhi went to Motihari from there and gathered all possible information about the issue of Champaran. He also made the lawyers realise that they were charging exhorbitant fees towards the peasants. He made them join the struggle of Champaran. When he was arrested for disobeying a notice issued by the police, the lawyers and peasants gathered outside the court while the trial was ongoing, showcasing their support for him. The show of strength forced the government to set up an  inquiry commission to probe into the matter. The commission found the planters guilty and forced the planters to pay compensation of 25 percent to the cultivators. After this, the cultivators were from freed the bondage of the planters. This was how the battle of Champaran was won.


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