Email wrting on the topic:you have just moved to a new city .Write a email to your friend about your new experiences.

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Such questions are asked to focus on developing your writing skills. So we recommend you to frame such answers on your own. However, a few hints are given below to help you out.
  • I have recently moved to Bengaluru from my native place. The place is really nice and clean. 
  • There is moderate climate throughout the year. It is comfortable to reside in Bengaluru for its suitable temperature.
  • I stay in an apartment. I have not made any friends yet. Every day I go to my work and return home. I miss my family and friends very much. It is very difficult to make new friends in a new city.
  • I have not visited the famous places of Bengaluru yet. Sometimes I get lost in the crowd of the city.  Kolkata is better than Bangalore in terms of Safety.
  • Bengaluru is known as the "Garden City of India". On my way to the office, I have seen some public parks like 'Wonderla Amusement Park'.
  • There are many cultural differences between the city of Bengaluru and Kolkata. 
  • The difference in transportation is also visible. It is easier to commute in Kolkata than in Bengaluru. Traffic jams exist almost in every nook and corner of the city in Bengaluru.

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