1. why rukku manni wanted the beggar to be sent away? (3 chapter - A Gift Of the Chappals)
2. Why did Gopal's wife found his behavior starnge- (5 chapter Gopal and The Hilsa Fish)
3.what do we learn from the kings character?(1 chapter - the 3 questions)

pls answer fast monday exams!!

Dear Student.

2) Gopal's face was half-shaven, he had ashes rubbed all over his body and he wore torn clothes. On asking him where he was going, he replied that he was going to buy Hilsa fish.

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I hope you answer it fast, and hope you can understand...
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because in begging there is more profit and no work
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i dont have that book
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Answer-1 because his feet were full of blisters..
Answer-2 He shaved his beard and put the ashes on his face and wear torn dress

Thats it..

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I haven't read that book
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Anushka try to do it yourself
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And we are going to discuss the worksheet in the school
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