English Core Code No. 301 Class XISample Question Paper Time : 3 hrs. M. Marks 80 General Instructions : This question paper is divided into five sections :Section A Reading Comprehension 15 MarksSection B Writing 20 MarksSection C Grammar 10 MarksSection D Text Books 20 MarksSection E Long Reading Text - Novel 15 MarksSection A1. Read the passage given below and answer the question that follow :- (1x8 = 8 Marks) Life is an institution. We have a principal, God, who looks over the entire working of our life. He allots teacher, namely our parents, to guide us through this path. We learn lessons and it is up to us whether we want to pass or fail. Every morning we wake up and give a tick mark to the attendance file of our lives. The only difference in this school of life is you cannot play truant even for a day! Thoughfrom time to time one may doze off and not pay heed to the message that is being given to us.From the start my parents taught me and my sister to be good human beings first. Life has been kind, sometimes harsh but mostly fair. We make many mistakes,some of which we admit and others, we conceal. But now that i'm 22 years old,i can review every step taken by me. Think positive. Yes, it's that simple. Thoughts are actions. Imagine if there are a billion good thoughts, the universe will throw back a billion good actions.Something within tells me : 'Forget the world and listen to your heart'. If we alljust start listening to our inner soul maybe we won't scratching our heads while90 English CoreXItaking the final exam. I am not at all close to being perfect but i know i want to get near it....... not by matering the business world, not by buying perfect self according to me.... is kind, compassionate, and empathetic one who sees the goodin people and shares the good within themselves. The true test is for us to examine, and to be honest to overselves before we give a tick mark to our answer sheets. I had a lot of questiosns ready, my doubt all written, point by point ......... since i could not get the answer from my teachersi made an appointment with God. Doubts about life love death, fear, sorrow. i was angry. Why cant' He guide us? God was there by my side, every minute, every step. Even though i haven't gotten all the answers i know i will get there.... He will take me there, in my own time,the same way He has gotten me here, where i am now.Some say one should never pity nor envy anyone else..... and i am happy to be me. The first important teaching to learn, count your blessings. We all stand to be a little more aware about what life is really trying to teach us... . and for some be aware that life is trying to teach us something. Money is like our grades in school... it helps us move to the next steps but afterthat, who remembers what we scored in maths in the third standard? People forgetthat when we die........ money does not come along with us. It becomes like our grades, we don't remember how much we earned or how much we lost. Familiesfight, friendships are ruined; parent child bonds are broken. Isn't that a waste......... why would anyover choose paper over love? Here's plea for whoever is reading this ........... let us all try and be the best pupilsin this school called life. Be true .... love not only others but also yourself Love God wholeheartedly because that's all He wants, and you know what they say. "Be in his good books and you will go to the head of the class." A) Choose the correct option :-a) All our questions can be answered by(i) Parent(ii) Friends(iii) Good(iv) Ourselves91 English CoreXIb) We can be good pupils by :-(i) Loving ourselves(ii) Loving others(iii) Both a and b(iv) Only a Answer the following questions :-(c) How is God equal to a principal?(d) What is the difference between life at school and school of life?(e) Why are good thoughts compared to good actions?(f) 'Money is like our grades in school.' 'Explain'?(g) Pick out a word similar in meaning to :-' Correct/right.'(h) Pick out a word opposite in meaning to :- 'uncover'2. Read the following passage and answer the question that follow :- (7 marks)1. How often do we exclaim : "That was a mistake!" That bewildered expressionof regret and panic gets relayed through life. Some mistakes we forget, others we don't The mistakes can be mundane as forgetting to turn the geyser off or to pick up your passport from the airport counter.2. Absent mindeness, preoccupation, distraction carelessness, nervousness thereare umpteen excuses to justify mistakes. However major decisions like relocations of home of an unwarranted resignation letter can cause much trouble and upheaval and lead to regrets that leave you sad and depressed. Some mistkaes are irreversible-then is there room for hope?3. In fact, there are no mistakes, only experiences. There are no problems onlychallenges. Every experience teaches us something in life Every mistake inspiresretrospection and introspection. The experience is humbling and it makes us wiser. That is, if every mistake is regarded as an experience and not as a source of self- condemnation. Many times people are unable to reconcile with the change groovedin the blame culture and rooted in the past, ther had to realise the life time benefitsthey receive from changes.4. Nature abounds in examples of flexibility and relocation in case of birds and92 English CoreXIbeasts. Scientific research in the behaviour of birds has confirmed this Birds, animals and even nomads, travel miles and miles in search of better food, congenial climate and safety. These relocations may cause some amount of stress, no doubt, but they are the source of survival: helping to group bonding and cooperation; andto explore the beauty of new space and better environment.5. To the weak problems are stumbling blocks, to the brave, they are steppingstones." An untimely resignation and or termination letter is certainly traumatic and disturbing. But think of possbilities it can throw open for you. A young manfelt disappointed when he failed an interview for a corporate job. At that point oftime, he left dejected. Today, looking back he says, "It was a blessing in disguise.I would have never reached this far." Some mistkaes bring in a very important message. "Believe and achieve! And in order to do so, faith is essential. It is thetriple faith that men need today. faith in ovne self, faith in onveslef faith in the world around us, and above all faith in God!"(A) On the basis of your reading of the above passage, make notes on it using heading and subheadings. Also use recognisable abbreviations, whereever necessary (Minimum 4). Supply a suitable title. (5 Marks)(B) Write a summary of the above passage in your own words. (2 Marks)Section B Writing (20 Marks)3. You are Karan/Kanika, Secretary Cultural club of your school. Your schoolis organising a Dramatics workshop during the Winter Break for senior students of the school. Draft a notice for the school notice board informing the school notice board informing the students giving all relevant details (5 Marks) OR You are Principal, Patel Public School, Ashok Vihar, Delhi. Draft an advetisementfor the vacant post of Maths teacher in your school to be publised in the classified columns of a daily newspaper in not more than 50 words (5 Marks)4. You are Sanju/Sanjana, a member of Health club of your school. You are disturbed at the increasing instances of students facing stress due to examinations. Write a speech to be delivered in the morning assembly of your school on "Howto Beat Examination related stress". (150-200 words)93 English CoreXI(08 Marks) OR You are Sachin/Shaivya. You attended a debate on "Welcome Youth in Politics" organised by your schoo. Write a report on the event in about 150-200 words(08 marks) Q5. You are Rohan/ Rohini of 48, New Bank Enclave Delhi. Write a letter tothe editor complaining about the badly maintained parks of your colony.(07 marks) OR You are Shahid/ Shachi of B-3/230, Vivek Vihar, Delhi. Last month you bought a Samsung LED TV from Delhi Electronics, Patel Nagar. Now it is not working properly. Write a letter to the dealer complaining about it. (07 Marks)Section - C Grammar (10 Marks) Q6 ; The following passage could not be edited. It has a missing word in eachline locate it and write your answer along with the words which come before and after the word. The Delhi government is all to roll out (a)......................its action plan rid the city (b) ....................of its slums 2015. Keeping in (c) ....................sync with plan 1300 families (d).....................across 14 slums have been eligible (e).....................for allotment flats in the first (f)....................Phase the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) (g) .................. The boards plans to the relocation (h) ...................process later this month 1/2x8 = 4 marks Q7. Underline the error in each line and write the correction in the space provided 1/2 x8= 4 Marks94 English CoreXIIn today's world that is easy to (a) ..............grow up with inculcating reading (b) ..............habits. There is so many television (c) ..............programmes computer games or the (d) ..............playstation to keep me busy (e) ..............For, those not only serve as (f) ..............entertainment gadgets and are (g) .............educational two at the same time (h) ............. Q8 : Rearrange the following jumbled words to make meaningful sentences(1x2= 2 marks)(a) indoor/and/ there/ are/outdoor/kind of/ various/ games.(b) from/the/also/ removes/fasting/body/toxinsSection D Textual Questions (20 Marks) Q9 : Read the extracts given below and answer the question that follow (anyone)1x4 = 4 makrs(a) Some twenty - thirty years later/She'd laugh at the snapshot/ " See Betty and Dolly." Shid Say and look how they /dressed us for the beach. " The Sea holiday/ was her past, mine is her laughter both wry/with the laboured ease of loss.(1) What was mother's reaction on seeing the photograph?(2) How long back did the beach holiday take place?(3) What is the poet's past?(4) Explain laboured ease of loss.or(b) When did my childhood go?/Was it the day I ceased to be eleven/ was it thetime I realised that Hell and Heaven/ Could not be found in Geography/ Andtherefore could not be.95 English CoreXI(i) Name the poem and the poet.(ii) In what context is 'eleven' mentioned in the above lines?(iii) What time is being talked about?(iv) Why don't hell and Heaven exist according to the poet? Q10. Answer any five out of the following questions in about 40 words.5x2 =10 marks(a) Explain the figure of speech used in the poem "The Voice of the Rain"(b) When and where was the Green Movement started?(c) Was Grandmother a literate woman?(d) Why was Joe Morgan relieved to see Andrew Manson?(e) How did John Byro react on seeing the white horse?(f) What horrified the author on her second visit to Mrs. Dorling's house? Q11. Answer any one out of the two questions given below. (6 marks)(a) What are the earth's biological systems? How do they sustain humanity?(b) What idea does J. B. Priestly want to communicate to the audience throughthe play 'Mother's Day'? Q12. : Answer the following in about 150 words (any one) (8 marks) Narrate the elaborate preparations made by the ghost to tame the twins. or Describe Booker's Journey to Hampton Q13 : Answer the following in about 120 words (any one) (7 marks) Why do you think the family member try to avoid talking about the ghost?or Why was Booker impressed with the English people

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