English Experts, Please explain what the underlined sentence means. I do not understand why Nelson Mandela says so. What is he trying to say? 

Dear Student

This line is telling about the patriots who have died for their people. The long line of such patriots was ended with their sacrifice but has started again now with Nelson Mandela.


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I will try
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Are you guys kidding. Brainless and filthily useless creatures. 
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Prasad if u know the ans then try
I atleast making a try but unfortunately ur unlike me.
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I too need its Ansbffds
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If I knew the answer I wouldnt be posting it here genius.
Actions speak louder than words. 
Saying "I will try " is futile. Why say it. Do it and then type an answer and give it to me. I will be grateful
Coming here and playing around is just wasting your time and my time. 
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