english letter writing to principal upon- request for granting leave of absence before exam due to medical checkup out of town,also to re-appear for the exam after returning

Dear student,

You can refer to the following points, for framing the letter:

- I am going out of town for a few days with my family.
- I am suffering from a kidney problem and I have to leave for Delhi for immediate medical check-up.
- Due to this, I will not be able to attend school for a few weeks. 
- Therefore, Sir I will request you to grant me leave. 
- I will also request you to let me re-appear for my exam when I join school again. 


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ther important aspect while studying is to devote
more time to the subject/topic you are weak in. I do not know
why most of us tend to devote more time on areas we are
strong in and often shy away from our weakness. Equal
importance to all the subjects ensures equal performance,
resulting in uniform achievement. I was slightly weak in
chemistry, which is why I used to spend a lot of time in reading
and revising the chemical equations and reactions.
Perfection is a Journey not Destination
I believe that Perfection is never achieved - a belief that
my parents shared with me. My parents always wanted me to
be the best, and would keep reminding me that there was
always a scope to improve. My brilliant scores in mock tests,
my topping the class, or getting the highest ranks in scholarship
exams were never regarded as big achievements. I was always
told that there were miles to go.
My father used to find out the subjects that I was weak
in. He would expect only the best from me and always pointed
out my faults to me. I sometimes felt bad, that he was frugal
with his appreciation for my achievements. But I was touched
when I came to know his intention behind it. He gave me a
story cutout that he had taken from a newspaper long back. It
was a story about a father and a son. I read that story and
understood my father's behaviour.
Like in the story, my father always drew my attention to
my weak areas and asked me to constantly improve upon
them. I would not have been able to achieve any success
without the constant care and guidance of my parents.
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