Error findin:
1 Overeatin is one of d more wonderful
2 Practices among those which think that they
4 Can afford it. In fact that is said that
5 Near all those who can get as much
6 As he desire,overeat to their
7 Disadvantage. This class of peoples could
8 Save the grt deal more food than
9 They can save by missing one meal
10 Per week and also improvin their health

Note* You have numbered the questions wrongly. So I have omitted number 3 so you don't get confused. 

1) the       most   wonderful
2) those   who       think
4) fact        it            is 
5) that     nearly      all
6) as         they       desire
7) of         people   could 
8) save        a         great
9) save       by      missing 
10)also    improve  their

Please avoid skipping the 'g' at the end of words like 'improving' since this is an English grammar question. Sorry if I sounded rude.
Hope this helps.
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wrong                                                                                    correct
          a) more                                                                                   a)  most
          b)which                                                                                   b)  who
          c) that                                                                                      c)  it
          d)  much                                                                                  d) many
          e)  he                                                                                        e) they  
          f) peoples                                                                                 f) people
          g)  more                                                                                   g)  of
          h) can                                                                                       h) could
          i)  improving                                                                            i) improve

hope this helps u
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Ok sukhi i will take care of it.
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@Sanchayita ^_^ :)
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1. more- most
5.near- nearly
hope u find the answers useful :)
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           error                      correction

1.        more                      most

2.       which                      who

4.        that                        it

5.        near                      among
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overeat on their disadvantage.
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Sukhi your 9 th answer is incorrect it would be could in the place of can
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Here is the answer

         INCORRECT             CORRECT

1.           more                             most
2.           which                           who
3.            that                                it
4.            near                           nearly
5.            he                                they
6.        peoples                          people
7.           the                                   a
8.          through                           by
9.        improving                   improve

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The most wonderful those who think that ETA near all those as they Desire ok
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Incorrect. Correct 1. More. Most 2. Which. Who 3. That. It 4. Near. Nearly 5. He. They 6. Peoples. People 7. The. A 8. Can. Could 9. Improving. Improve
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