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essay of use and misuse of internet in a student life


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Here are a few points that might help you:



  • The word 'Internet' comes from two words 'Interconnection' and 'Network'. Thus, it may be defined as network or more precisely internetwork of a number of connecting networks consisting of different types of computers spread all over the world which can share messages and information with each other .

  • It has opened new sources of communication. E-mails have become an inevitable in today's world. Interactive talk is also possible. Conferencing software enable audio and video conferencing.

  • Internet is used for digging up information. For instance, cooking tips, wise quotes, word meanings, games, videos, etc.

  • Internet has also promoted e-learning. Attaining information and knowledge through the digital media has fastened the process of gaining education.


  • Disadvantages of internet can be cited when we talk about production and promotion of vulgar porn videos. It disturbs an ethical environment and spoils children.

  • Flipping through pages of a book has become a thing of the past. You search for anything on   and its there in front of you.

  • Internet users are often affected by virus attacks. Even if one clicks a very harmful site, it is exposed to danger of virus which might corrupt the entire system.

  • Thanks to Internet, socialising is the only place where people meet. Rest, playing among kids or sitting over a cup of coffee with your friends have become a thing of the past. The virtual world has made our shoulders stoop. This may hamper a healthy social development in children.

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Ash Naaz , added an answer, on 29/1/12
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It allows him or her to compose essays, presentations and use the internet for research or reference. Furthermore, computers allow another channel of communication with teachers or professors via email, so homework help or expertise is no longer out of reach when outside of the classroom.
As a hindrance to student life the computer can serve as a distraction from the task at hand. Due to its almost endless entertainment capability. Facebook or other websites such as Youtube or for instance, can serve a distraction and consume hours of a student's time that would otherwise be spent studying or doing homework. 
The computer has great applications in the student life. A student should be well equipped with the computer technologies and application softwares to make its assignments and research work good. Computer helps the students to use internet so that they can search different tools and use the information derived from the research to enhance their learning. Learning Microsoft office, PowerPoint, excel sheet allows the students to make their assignments good and allow them to finish their homework in couple of minutes. Learning computers in student life also helps them to utilize their computer related knowledge in their later lives
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Ali Ahmed Kurd , added an answer, on 22/10/12
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 let me have essay on influence of media on students

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