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Drug Addiction?
Introduction:?The term ?drug? has now been given a new connotation. It was used originally to means ?medicine?.?

However, now-a-days, the term ?drug? means not only medicine, but also the fatal narcotics that include cocaine, heroin, brown sugar, and many other specifications.?All these drugs have their evil effects on the mind and body cells of the addicts. The young generations, particularly teenagers, are the worst victims of evils of Drug Addiction.?
Drug Addiction?(also called substance use disorder) is a brain disease. The addict becomes dependent on the drug. The addict uses it, despite having full knowledge of its harmful effects on health. It is considered a brain disease because it changes the structure and functioning of the brain.?

Causes of Drug Addiction among Youth?
The reasons why a young person gets addicted to these harmful drugs are many.?
Curiosities, desire for pleasure, social excommunication, mental gap, lack of self-reliance are some of the reasons why these youth becomes a drug-addict.?
Lack of self-confidence, that is inferiority complex, has been marked as cause of one?s becoming a drug addict.?
Peer pressure,?excessive?stress, lack of parental involvement in child?s activities, are among the leading causes for drug addiction among youth and teen people.?
The problem of drug addiction is all the more serious because the addicts are mostly young school or college going boys and girls, the future citizens of a country, on whom will depend in future its welfare and the welfare of its people. So, it is imperative to see that such young boys and girls may be no means fall victims to drug addiction.?

Solution for Drug Addiction:?
Rehabilitation of the young drug-addicts is a major social problem.?
The need of raising the level of consciousness of self through proper education has been suggested as a proper step.?
Those who thus become able to overcome their addiction can tutor other young addicts.?
The need of forming a healthy environment where the needs of these youth can be met is equally important.?
The?trading of harmful drugs such as cocoa, opium, etc. should be properly controlled.?
International projects should be taken to prohibit manufacturing of such harmful drugs.?
Drug addiction among youth can be prevented if the youth are taught of its harmful consequences. If the young people are aware of the harmful effects of drug abuse, they would avoid drug abuse at the first instance. Hence, drug abuse preventive programmes, if implemented?effectively at schools and colleges, can become the most successful method to reduce and alleviate the problem of Drug addiction among youth.?
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