Essay on favourate road trips

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One day I decided to go on a road trip with my friends. I was very excited and started to imagine the days that were about to come. We were five friends and we thought of going to Shimla. Everything was planned and we set out on our journey. We hired a cab and started early so that we could reach our destination before sunset. We did not carry much luggage. At noon, we stopped for lunch at a fast food restaurant. We had not even covered half the distance but we were feeling hungry, so had to stop. By evening we were at our destination which was a beautiful cottage booked before the trip. I love to travel by road. I shared my room with my friends. We had two more days of fun, so we got up early in the morning and went to a nearby point where we enjoyed river rafting, para-gliding etc. We spent the entire day there. It was a memorable trip with my friends.
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