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Amit Kumar , asked a question
Subject: Hindi , asked on 12/9/14

essay on hindi diwas

Nisha Choudhary , added an answer, on 13/6/12
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Hindi Diwas


Every year we celebrate “Hindi Divas” on 14th September in India. Hindi Language  has been declared as a  National Language by the  Indian constitution on September 14, 1949.  The students of Aurora Degree college formed Hindi Sahitya Samithi (Hindi club) and conducted competitions to students in different events such as essay writing, poetry writing, Debate , Drama and etc.

Prof. Sheela Mishra ,Prof.department of Hindi, Osmania Univesity  and an eminent personality in Hindi Literature was invited as the Chief Guest. She is. An author of  many books and  translated many books into Hindi. Prof. Sheela Mishra gave a very inspring lecture and she motivated a number of students through her message..

The highlight of the program was the speech given by the chief guest. She spoke about the future of Hindi Language,Basha Udbahv and Basha vigyan the career opportunities in this field and the necessity in celebrating the Hindi Diwas.

It is through the cooperation and continuous guidance of the Head, department of Languages Dr. Kameswara Rao that made the event a grand success. The other members of the department, Mrs.Padmaja , Miss. Vinaya, Mrs.Vijaya Lakshmi , and Ms. Neha Reddy extended their support in making this program grand success.

Vote of thanks is given by Mr. Himanshu Rohira a student of First year Mi.G.C.

Students from various groups attended the function and were benifited.Thanks to one and all for making the event a Successful one.
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Thatchayani , added an answer, on 13/5/17
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Hindi Diwas commemorates the day when the Constituent Assembly of India accepted Hindi as the official language of the country along with English. The listing of Hindi as official language took place on September 14, 1949.

Two years following Independence, the newly formed administration was reeling under the pressure to bring together the multiple linguistic, cultural and religious groups of the nation. The unification of the country had to be done along with giving it a unique national flavour. In a country that did not have any one language giving it a unique national identity, Hindi provided itself as the solution for unification.

Being the spoken language of a major portion of North India, Hindi was a safe solution for national linguistic unification, but definitely not the perfect one. Large tracts of non-Hindi speaking India was unhappy with the idea of an imposition of a language upon them that did not have its roots in their cultural consciousness. Hence, along with Hindi, English was also made the official language of the country.

At this point, a period of 15 years was proposed as the time period during which Hindi would eventually replace English as the sole language used for official purposes in India. Further, Article 351 of the Constitution asked for the promotion and development of the Hindi language in a way that it could serve as a means of expression in all matters.

owever, on the lapse of 15 years, violent protests broke out in several non-Hindi speaking parts of India, especially Tamil Nadu. In January 1965, riots broke out in Madurai and soon spread to Madras. The aggressive resistance by large sections of the population resulted in the Centre passing an amended Official Languages Act which explicitly stated that English would continue to be upheld as the official language along with Hindi.

The Centre has over the years tried to promote the Hindi language as the symbol of Indian unity and the celebration of Hindi Diwas is part of the efforts. Several events and award ceremonies are held in the local and national level as part of the celebration. This year, a function named “Hindi Hum Hain” has been organised at the PHD Chamber of Commerce in Delhi.


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Yogesg Sharma , added an answer, on 13/9/12

Hindi diwas

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