essay on humanity is the real religion

Religion has become a very different affair nowadays. People do many weird things in the name of religion and this instils feelings of communalism in the minds of the people. Religion is not something that you propagate but it is a personal issue. In fact the best religion that one must follow is humanity. If you are human then you can follow any religion peacefully. Being human does not mean that you can do anything in the name of humanity. It means that you should have compassion for your fellow humans. Humanity involves plenty of things like love, compassion, humility, kindness and thoughtfulness. All the religions too, preach about the same qualities but we forget them and become engrossed in following our rigid thoughts that all the good things are easily forgotten.If humanity preaches about the best qualities in us, why then do we overlook them in the name of religion? We should think of ourselves as humans first and then talk about our religions.

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