essay on life without paper

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 Paper is most important thing in our daily life.Paper is used by us in many ways:1)it is used by the students for writind or reading.

2)it is used for copying or printing information.3)it is used for packing.Not only these but also there are many uses by the paper.

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Paper is everywhere in our life: in our car, in our mailbox, in our bookshelves, and even stuck all over our monitor. We may not know it, but reducing your paper use by becoming more comfortable with current technology can lead to a  more organized way of life.

Although numerous efforts are made to achieve paperless life – It stills seems to be a distant reality. Paper penetrated our lives for 2000 years and it may take many more years to live  without it. Despite the computer’s promise to provide us with “paperless offices,” we all use more paper than ever before, for communication and for hundreds of other purposes. hence, life without paper is impossible....thankz 

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U want in favour or against ????

in favour : 

paper is required and used in many fields such as medicine , offices , schools etc.

against : 

paper causes deforestation, and poses a threat to environment . The rate of deforestation is higher than dat of afforestation and therefor the need to use alternate resources such as soft copies are encouraged as they wud save space and paper.

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Points for the essay life without paper:

  • Ancient man has seen life without paper and with the developing technologies and increasing deforestation, we might see a time without paper.
  • But paper has been one of the important factor in the process of development of civilization.
  • Paper has been important source of preserving literature of the past that has passed onto the generations
  • Paper reaches where electricity doesn't. It is an important medium of communication of messages.
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i knew this

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the use of paper is increasing day by day and for producing paper many forests have been cut down

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