Dear student 

The following question tests your creativity and should be attempted on your own. However here are a few useful hints. 

- When it started to rain the previous night, we did not expect that it was going to cause a lot of trouble. 
- It kept raining throughout the night. The next day all the schools were closed. 
- This did not give me any joy because the rain continued for more than 24 hours. 
- Even though we were living in a high rise area, the incessant floods started to bring water into my house. 
- Water started to seep through the gaps under the doors and we started shifting books, electronics and other important items. 
- Thankfully the rain stopped, after raining continuously for 4 days. 
- There was rainwater in the ground floor of my house, up to 1 feet high. 
- We had no power and the food in the fridge got spoilt. All the shops had been closed so we could not go out and buy food. 
- I felt so sad and hungry at the same time. We had nothing to eat for an entire day. 
- Next day, the power came back. I realised how lucky I had been. 
- The entire city was flooded. Some houses were completely submerged and damaged. 
- I thanked god for not putting me through such a great difficulty. 


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