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essay on Shoot animals with a camera, not with a gun.

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 There are so many birds and animals which cannot be seen by the community for the decades or long. The Hunters appreciate themselves for such bird’s species to hunt them after long period of time.   They do not having idea, that why the specie was disappeared or not seen for the so long interval of time.


Actually the valued message of wild life is still not delivered to community. Yes, this is also right, that hunting birds is source of increasing socio-economic status, but the hunters should to take into their accounts of consideration through the wild life department to increase their socio-economic status by those birds which are abundant. Otherwise department should take strict action against them.


Does it not matter that wild species in many regions are going to disappear such as the passenger pigeon, the black rhinoceros, the northern spotted owl, the green sea turtle, the 70 remaining Florida panthers, or some unknown plant or insect in a tropical forest becomes prematurely extinct, because of human activities? Biologists contend that the answer is yes, yet hunting is not only for survival. It has become one of the most common sports in some countries.


In some species if one of them is lost, it affects the whole ecosystem. Like for instance, if the hunters keep on killing snakes, there may be an increase numbers of rats which can harm the other resources. Earlier, before 1970 there was no rule for protection of migratory birds.


However, after Ramsar convention in Iran and Bonn Convention in Germany laws to protect migratory birds was enacted. Birds that migrate from Siberia to Pakistan and India during September to November have started arriving here and the KPK Wildlife department has started organizing communities along river Kabul and Indus to contain hunting.


Birds have started arriving in Pakistan as the winter season started in Siberia (Russia) and this activity will gain momentum if rains are received here, informed Chief Conservator KPK Wildlife Department, Saeeduz Zaman. Saeeduz Zaman said the migration journey starts from Siberia to Pakistan and ends in India at Bahartpure.


The migratory bird fly from Siberia to Afghanistan, Karakorum range, across river Indus in Pakistan and finally towards India. During their journey, the birds make stopovers at lakes and water basins at Nowshera, Tanda Dam in Kohat, Swat, Chitral, Punjab and at Haleji, Keenjaar and Lungsee lakes in Sindh. These birds mainly consist of water fowl, hobara bustard, cranes teals, pintail, mallard, geese, spoon bills, waders, palicons and gadwall.  In Pakistan water fowl is well popular for esthetic beauty, most of its population is been declined due to overwhelm carrying capacity. Along water fowl, sparrows like other small birds are also going to decline due to hunting pressure. Markhor is national animal of Pakistan, The word Mar and Khor are Farsi and Pashto words means Snake and Eater and most writers about this wild goat make some speculative comments as to how the application arose.


Its permit price of hunting is depending upon request but it is approximately $ 50,000. Its hunting consequences lead to increased snakes population, which is harmful to human life.  Some people are using to keep pets like cats, dogs etc.There are too many cats in this world and especially there are too many feral cats, too many abandoned pet cats, and too many pet cats that spend too much of their time stalking wild birds.


Cats are natural hunters in the history, although they kill rats and mice, which leads to food chain cutting down. Most people who keep pets tend to think of them as being more human than animal. Because of this, the goods and services provided to pets and pet owners contribute their share to general environmental degradation. Pets also create special problems in relation to wildlife protection.

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