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Akshit , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 21/8/14

essay on there is no shortcuts in life for success

Manav Patel , added an answer, on 2/11/12
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After winning the championship golfer Arjun Atwal, says, "There is no shortcut to success. The only way to success is to do smart hard work which will lead to improvement."
The path to success lies through struggle, strife, hard work, sweat and some times even blood. To achieve success is not easy and to maintain it is even more difficult.
There is no shortcut to success. Temporarily shortcut may give us pleasure and happiness but later we may have to repeat on the same. The road to success is not strewn with roses. It is thorny and very long. Those who dare to cross this road and undertake the tedious journey with continuous efforts always find success at the end.
Firstly we should always define our aims, objectives, and priorities well with care and then pursue them honestly,with our full heart, mind and soul.
For success one needs 95% perspiration and 5% inspiration. There is no substitute for hard work. Patience, perseverance, perspiration, labour etc. form the rock foundation on which we can build our mansion of success. Most of the people fail only because there efforts are feeble and half- hearted. Tenzing Norgay, only a sherpa, became world famous for his conquest of Mount Everest by persistent efforts until he finally achieved success.                                  
Other necessary ingredients of success are strong determination, will power and motivation which are more powerful than atomic energy. It has changed the course of history and fortunes of mankind. People like Alexander, Chanakya, Hellen Keller, Napoleon were the embodiments of strong will power.
Our country India would never have achieved   independence by taking shortcut. It was the battle of 200 years by our freedom fighters like Rani Lakshmi bai, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru etc.

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Shubhangi Pandey , added an answer, on 2/11/12
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1. Success
- Generally, success is defined/means achieving goals/objectives.
- Success is measured by wealth, position, status, people’s capabilities….
- People often misunderstand that success can bring happiness. However it just can temporarily make you happy, it doesn’t guarantee your overall happiness.
There is no secrets or shortcuts to success but there are strategies and methods. If yu follow them, the chances of success will be increased.

  2. Prepare
You should prepare before doing anything. The more prepared u’re, the easier the tasks becomes. In preparation, there are 4 factors which play an important part. They are goals, timing, focus, attitude.
- First, it’s necessary for u to set up ur own   S-M-A-R-T goals which are achievable and flexible. If u fail to do this, you can’t know what to do to reach these goals and it’s   really hard to tell when u reach them.
- Second, concentration is required if u want to carry out ur tasks efficiently. If you be distracted from st, your work efficiency will be reduced. Moreover u’re more likely to make unnecessary mistakes. Try to overcome all distraction to achieve ur success.
- Third, timing is a vital ingredient to success. Even for such a small thing, this is true. (Eg: in tennis, if timing is off, u may hit the ball too early or late. In business, you will lose a large amount of money if you buy or sell stock at the wrong time.) ---( experience
- Fourth, positive attitude is needed for success. It means that people have to believe that they can do it not be afraid that they can’t. In short, they should have confidence.

    3, Progress
- All people try to work very hard to achieve success, which is a necessity for a person who wants to be successful.
- Successful people usually do what they like and don’t mind hard work.
- Taking risk is a part of making a success. If people don’t dare to take risk, the chances of success are usually rare/ small.

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Harshit Nagar , added an answer, on 21/3/13
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 manav113 you are bond007

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