Essay on Unity in diversity is easy to talk about but impossible to achieve in a country like India.

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India is often considered to be an epitomising entity thriving in the glory of the averment, “Unity in Diversity”. A home to some 1,800 languages and 20,000 cast groups, India is the most culturally, linguistically, religiously and genetically varied geographical entity after the African continent. Indians have been co-existing with differences and even disparate perceptions and democracy serves to be the form of government most suited to the Indian ethos. Thus, multiculturalism is a state of mind in India, and it is in perfect sync with the democratic spirit of mutual accommodation and cooperation.

With divergent traditional believes and varied cultural influences, the country is a rich repository of its exceptional history. The forest reserves which are an integral source of ecological conservation comprises the mangrove forest of Sunderbans as well as the dry deciduous forests expanding in the South Deccan Plateau region. From the delicious Daal Baati Churma of Rajasthan to the scrumptious Jadoh dish of Meghalaya, India unifies all in its multiplicity.  Aesthetically also, the country is the harmonious coalesce of Rabindranath Tagore, Harivansh Rai Bachchan,  A.K. Ramanujan, Ruskin Bond and other veteran writers.
However, with rising disparities in people's mind, it has become difficult to restore unity and harmony in the country and often communalism and religion serves as the breeding ground for tumultuous situations within the country. Political colours are often added to trivial issues and it hogs the limelight thereby further strengthening the differences in people's minds. We are being raised on the cult of violence and often fed with ideas that invoke sheer destruction in the long run.Thus,  one must realise that heterogeneity is the binding factor for the myriad aspects that India abounds in and for ensuring a congenial coexistence and collective growth, the contrasts should be paid reverence as each entity is worthy of gratitude and benevolence.


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Unity in diversity means oneness in the varieties. India is a best country proving this concept for many years. India is a country where it is very clear to see unity in diversity because people of many religion, race, culture and tradition live together without affecting each others feelings and believes to their religion. Unity in diversity focuses on the existence of unity even after lots of differences of cultural, social, physical, linguistic, religious, political, ideological, psychological, etc. More number of diversities makes more complex unity. People in India are united in spite of the much diversity of races, religions, castes, sub-castes, communities, languages and dialects. People in India are highly spiritual and God fearing in nature so they give respect to everyone?s religion.
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