Essay on water and sustainable future

Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:
- Water is essential for all life.
- It sustains vegetation and crop growth, it is vital for the survival of humans, animals and birds.
- Water is used in bathing, cleaning, cooking and numerous other tasks.
- Factories use water to cool machines, automobiles use water for the same purpose.
- If we conserve water and utilise it judiciously, we will not face water shortage.
- It will not become an expensive commodity if we take steps to save water.
- To have a sustainable future for mankind, water needs to be saved.
- We must aim at provision of ample, clean water for all.

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                                                                                              In today’s global economy, sustainability has developed into a significant part of life because it symbolises how a society can retain their current use of resources without having them run out. In order for us to continue to appreciate the quality of life, we must meet supply and demand without destroying the environment for future generations and hope they do the same. “A sustainable society is one that has learned to live within the boundaries established by ecological limits”
                                                                                              Life, both animal and plant, is impossible without water. Without water men die of dehydration About 70% of the human body is water. Of the total surface of the earth, 75 % is water and just below the surface of the land in most areas there is a saturated layer known as the water table. Animals and plants have large percentages of water in their make-up and some animals regulate their movements according to the water sources.
                                                                                              If there is no water there can be no life. The moon is a sterile desert because there is no water in it. It is to be remembered that it was water that determined the location of human settlements and without the Nile the Egyptian Civilization would not have developed The Nile provided the Egyptians facilities for irrigation and transport. As Herodotus said, Egypt is the "Gift of the Nile".
The urban man rarely thinks of the importance of water. When he needs water, all he has to do is to turn on the tap. The only time the urban folk become aware of the importance of water is when there is a drought and their water supply is regulated. If water rationing becomes too drastic. they may find themselves in a worse position than the rural man who may have a steady supply of water from his well.

                                                                                                       Scientists find water the most fascinating fluid in the world because of its versatility and usefulness. Electricity is generated by the force of running water. Unlike other substances, water expands when freezing takes place. In ancient Rome snow was used to pack prawns and meat. Ice is used for refrigeration. Water is converted into steam and used as power.

                                                                                                       Whatever man eats is dependent on water for its growth. Water can convert whole, barren tracts of land into luxurious, rich and fertile regions, through the use of irrigation. In parts of Spain, diminishing quantities of rain have caused fertile land to dry up in the past years, creating barren deserts. This is turn has caused many men and their families to move to new places.

                                                                                                       In my opinion, i personally feel that the levels of water is decreasing tremendously and it is our major responsibility to save water for our future generations.

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