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Usually students are fully wired upon the day before an exam. But I have always bucked the trend. When others are burning the midnight oil you will find me chilling out at a cinema hall or an ice cream parlor.


I don’t believe in last minute cramming for it makes me forget all that I have managed to learn with great difficulty until then.

So whether I have finished the portions or not, I close my books with a big bang and chalk out stress-busting programs for the day. This ensures that I have a clear mind on the day of the exam. I also manage to get a good night’s sleep the night before the exam.

I have found that the great majority of students do the exact opposite of what I do. Butterflies will begin fluttering in the stomach as one thinks of what the next day will bring. There will be feverish attempts to remember if one has left out anything and a last minute scramble to take in everything at a glance.

Suddenly there is a sinking feeling that one has forgotten to study that important essay or crucial formula. Panic sets in and the mood becomes downbeat as one comes to the somber conclusion that one is going to create a record by getting the lowest marks in

I ran into my mother’s room and found my mother lying on the floor. She was unconscious. Immediately I called the doctor who had attended to her and asked him what I should do. He told me to pour some sugar solution down her throat and call for an ambulance. I did as he said but instead of calling for an ambulance I called my neighbor on the phone and asked them if they could take us to the hospital immediately.

My neighbor’s son came over and we managed to put my mother in his car. Then we sped to the hospital. My mother was put on a drip at once. After a while she recovered consciousness. The doctor said it was a good thing that I had not waited for the ambulance as she could have gone into a coma. It is one day I would like to forget for I still remember the panic and fear I felt when I realized that I could lose my mother who meant the world to me.

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An examination is the procedure which is aimed at the check of the students’ knowledge and the use of the theoretical knowledge on practice. Evidently, every student treats an examination as a challenge, because every exam evaluates student with a mark which can improve or make the educational process worse. Students are afraid of taking exams several times, because if they fail during the first attempt, they will have to spend more and more time to get ready for the exam for the further attempts. The problem on examination becomes even more serious when there is no time left for the preparation for this procedure, especially if there is only a day or night left.

Speaking about the night before an exam, it should be admitted that it is the worst time for students, because they can not sleep, they are nervous and mentally exhausted. Nothing is good for them and it is difficult for students to find at least something positive in life.

In spite of the mood which is too far from elevated, many students try to learn the material which they failed to learn during the semester.

Naturally, the success of such learning is questioned, because when the person is stressed, she will not make herself learn something new. Although, students know that they are tired and embarrassed, they devote the whole night to prepare for the exam reading, writing and trying to remember everything by heart.

Such an approach can not be called the positive one, but students are obliged to read before an exam to remember the major information essential for the subject. The only requirement is that they must not sit the whole night with their nose in the book, because they will only make the situation worse. Reading new facts, they will probably mix them with the previous ones and as a result their knowledge will be poor and weird. Students should repeat the basic facts in the evening before an exam and sleep the whole night in order to possess sober and fresh mind in the morning.

If one wants to succeed at the exam, he should sleep well and approach towards the procedure with the positive mood and self-confidence; otherwise even the deepest knowledge will not be helpful when the student is at a loss, exhausted and sleepy.
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