Eternal I rise impalpable out of the land and the
         bottomless sea,
         Upward to heaven,whence,vaguely form’d,altogether
         changed, and yet the same,
         I descned to lave the draughts,atomies,dust-layers of
         the  globe.
(a)    Who is ‘I’?
(b)   What is described in lines 2 and 3?
(c)    What does’I’ do on descending?
(d)   Explain the contrast ‘altogether changed and yet the same’?

a) I refers to the rain.
b) These lines refer to formation of clouds and occurence of water cycle.
c) 'I' descends and quenches the thirst of earth by laving droughts , atomies and dust layers.
d) This contrast refers that it changes its form from sea water to clouds but it remains water only just in other form i.e. vapour.
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