Evaluate the influence of the characters mentioned in the story on the peddler?

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The character of peddler gets influenced in different ways and to different extents by every other character in the story. 
On meeting the generous and trustful Crofter, feelings of greed got invoked in peddler and he was tempted to steal Crofter's money, which he went ahead with betraying him and his trust. Then, on being mistaken by the ironsmith as Captain von stable, he was invited to the ironsmith's house for Christmas. But he feared being caught and punished, so he declined. Later, when the ironmaster's daughter Edla came to him and asked him to visit them in all compassion and hospitality, he felt confidence in her and agreed. That is when, he was regretting having stolen Crofter's money. His heart transformed greatly upon being treated with immense kindness and sympathy by Edla. 


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