Evaluate the spread of monsoon over Indian subcontinent from Kerala to Jammu and Kashmir. plzzz fast. i have exams

The south west monsoons generally reach the coast of Kerala on June 1 and reaches the north eastern states by June 5. By June 15, the monsoons spread all over Eastern and Southern India. By July 1, the monsoons spread all over India except the extreme north western parts like Punjab and western Rajasthan. By July 15, the spread of the monsoons over India is complete. It reaches all parts of India.

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In summer season Indian land mass experience low pressure and seas experience high pressure as we know heating of land is faster then water. As high pressure is created in Bay of Bengal it moves to words Indian landmass it hits Kashi hills and sheds majority of water in Assam region and move towards Bengal,Madhya Pradesh , Bihar etc... it reaches Rajsthan with less water and rain occasionally. And same time w

Arebian sea branch from Madagascar region because in summer it also experiences high pressure because of ITCZ. (Inter tropical convergence zone) air blows to-words India and sheds water in peninsular pleateu gujarat , Madhya Pradesh and Rajsthan receives rain (Rajsthan receives less rain because of Aravalli range parallel to arebian branch so desnot  obstruct so less rain) ?And western disterbence come Mediterranean region causing rain in JandK ,Punjab ,Haryana and Delhi . This takes place in winter season (October to November) and in same time cyclone take place in Bay of Bengal and provides rain to Channi region 

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After at the same time  arebian sea branch 
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