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"Every home should adopt a pet animal". Express your views either for or against this statement.


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There are various positive and negative aspects to keeping pet animals:

Positive points which you might want to include in your answer are:

- They are the best companions and would remain loyal friends without any demands or complaints

- They help us learn various care taking skills. If a child takes care of a pet it instills a sense of compassion along with responsibility.

- Pets like dogs protect us from intruders and cats protect us from mice at our place. Thus, their role as protectors play a vital role in our lives.

- Animals are often used in sport and leisure activities. Animals like dogs are good trackers.

- Pets can efficiently reduce stress, heart diseases and blood pressure and most importantly they reduces our loneliness and always stand along with you in a tough situation.

Negative points which you might to include in your answer are:

- They are no doubt an additional expense in the house. Their care usually costs as much as a family member's expenditure in a household.

- Danger of catching infection or being contracted with a disease unless a pet is taken care of very well.

- It takes away a lot of of your time for grooming and providing the best pet products for them.

- Their regular healthcare and taking them for walks also prove to be tiresome for people who have a packed schedule.

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