every time when a tall pea plant nd a short pea plant interbreed then exactly 4 tall plants are produced >4 or <4 also possible? if no why?

Dear student.

Tall pea plant can have two genotype. Either TT or Tt.
The given cross can be represented as follows:

Here, all the offspring will be tall, i.e out of 4 offspring 4 will be tall.

Second case:

The genotype of heterozygous tall pea plant will be Tt and short pea plant will be tt. The cross between the two can be represented as:

Heterozygous tall pea plant genotype= Tt

Gametes= T & t

 Gametes  T  t
 T  TT (tall)  Tt (tall)
 t  Tt (tall)  tt (dwarf)

It is clear from the above cross that 3 offspring will be tall out of 4, and one will be dwarf.

Hope this information will clear your doubts about the topic.
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