Every uniform acceleration motion is ______ motion?
a. Uniform speed
b. Non uniform speed
c. Uniform retardation
d. Non uniform speed

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By the term "Uniform motion" we define a motion, where a body travels an equal distance in equal amount of time, thus the speed of the body remains constant.
And by the term "uniform accelerated motion", we define a motion, where the acceleration of a body has a non-zero value. thus the velocity is changing with time.

So in uniform accelerated motion, the body does not travel equal distance in equal amount of time, so it can not be defined as the uniform motion.

For example,
Suppose a car is moving with a velocity 5 m/s for t=5 sec, then the motion of the car will be called to be uniform motion. {acceleration =0}
And suppose the car starts from rest and its velocity increases in a steady rate, so that after 5 sec, its velocity become5 m/s,
then its acceleration is =5?05=1 m/s2= non zero constant value

Thus the motion of the body is called to be uniform accelerated motion

Option a.

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Because of the word "every" the answer becomes 'non uniform speed'. If a body has uniform acceleration, the velocity is definitely changing and in the case when the velocity is in a particular direction, speed becomes velocity. So answer is (b) For the special case when acceleration is zero, that means velocity is constant too and infact zero is also a constant so acceleration is constant.
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