evolution by natural selection in true sense started when cellular forms of life with diference in metabolic activity orginated on earth.explain​

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The statement suggest that evolution by natural selection initiated when cellular forms showing different metabolic activity originated in earth. As for example there are bacteria have the potential to divide so quickly that it can lead to millions of cells within hours. Bacteria growing on a given medium has got the ability to utilise the nutrient. A change in the composition of media would lead to the survival of that population which can survive under the new conditions. As a result of which new variant population surpasses the others and leads to the formation of new species. This process can happen within days. The same thing in human can take million of years as life spans of these organism are in years. Thus we can say humans have better ability to survive and this ability is based on characteristics which are inherited. Thus we can say fitness is the end result of the ability to adapt and get selected by nature.

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