example of scalar chain from the real life in the company or organisation .that is with the help of hierarchy in company like ceo, departmental manager etc not by a, b, c, d,

Scalar Chain refers to a pre-defined, formal path of authority and communication in the order of highest to the lowest. For example- if A is the CEO of an organisation and he has two paths of authorities under him, namely the finance department and the sales department. Now suppose in the sales department Mr. B is the sales manager and Mr. C is the sales junior under him. Similarly, in the finance department Mr.D is the finance manager and Mr. E is the finance junior. Then in such a situation if Mr C, the sales junior has to communicate with Mr. E, the finance junior, then they can not directly do so due to the presence of scalar chain. Rather, they will have to take help of their managers who, in turn will take the help of A to make the juniors communicate.


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