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I am still not completely clear about this answer. I understand that both the groups were singing their own anthem. But then does the sentence mean that the Black despised the anthem of the whites and didn't know the lyrics of it (Die Stem) and vice versa. 
I still have this doubt because in the answer it is given that they both sang their respective anthems but both didnt know the lyrics. I don't understand the way the Blacks won't know their own anthem and the whites will have a low opinion of their own anthem. 

Dear Student

The line means that both blacks and whites had low opinion of their own anthems as it was the distinguishing factor between both the groups. Also, they didn't care to pay respect to the anthem as they were having a low opinion of it. Therefore, they both were not aware of the words of their own anthems and thus, were unable to sing it.


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eh eh eh bablu ji
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