expert please suggest some points on "social media is killing book reading habit"

Dear Students,
Given below are few points that will help you frame a complete answer.
  • Books are a constant companion to every individual who decides to befriend it.
  • Reading or making books companions not only make a person intelligent or wise, it also broadens one's perspective about life and the world.
  • Books do not occupy much space like a computer or a laptop and can be carried everywhere.
  • It is common to see youngsters relying on the social and visual media these days. However, it has its own disadvantages.
  • Visual media is only reliable in the presence of a strong network, good Internet connectivity and power resources.
  • Books, however, do not depend on these factors and easily take a place during any trip.
  • Books also help us have a record of our reading and gives an opportunity to build a good library.
  • Reading is broadened by the different genres and one is free to choose one's area of interest.
  • Thus, books and reading are a constant companion to mankind, from ages old.
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experts please help
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i will yry to help you
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this is bcoz nowadays everything is social media ..lasting from books to people.everything is there in social media. as everything are there in social media we always use social media to do every thing like reading , chatting, working and etc. we also use media to read books we are not taking the real books and reading we are using net nowadays. being on media and reading everything there it is harmful for our eyes . but books are not . we are reading through media like news apps and etc .why can't we take the newspaper and read. we are unfortunately not doing that.
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it is killing oir reading habit
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With the growing influence and liking towards social media, it will surely become difficult to fill the room with books. A survey in UK showed that with the increasing age, the tendency to read a book decreases; the effect profoundly seen when comparison was made between three age groups - six to eight, 12-14 and 15-17 year old. There have been frowns from parents and many quarters of society towards the teen indulgence in FB, internet and other social media websites. They are not happy with the neglect of reading books. Thus it’s worthwhile to discuss on the thought that whether social media is killing the practice of reading books?
1. Social media is unproductive use of time as it only entertains you and gives no food for thought.

2. The amount of education you get from it is very less compared to reading books.

3. It hampers creativity as much of the time is spent on forwarding things to others.

4. Most of the time is spent in searching what others are doing, which can be well spent in reading which atleast adds knowledge to your own life.

5. Another prominent example can be the usage of 'new' abbreviations to express oneself on the social media. This hampers the language development which in turn affects writing and reading both.

6. Due to the fast changing content on such websites, the attention span of the readers has reduced. So an important habit of thinking over a thought, giving it time to percolate in your mind, is reduced to a great extent. This is one of the benefits of the book. Books cultivate the capacity to understand and think. 

7. Good reading habit makes way for a better understanding of one's experiences however social media mostly indulges the cravings of people rather than what is good for them.

8. The role models who the teens follow too are more active on the social media. Teens try to emulate them.
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I think that this is what you were asking... 
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awesome answer Rajat=)
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Social media is killing  book reading habit , this is true because children are fond of facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc.
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as we know social media is a bag full of treasures but to take out these treasures is quite difficult as in this bag there stones . this term relates that social media has some advantages as well as disadvantages . so we shhd use it wisely if we see in todays world then is continuosly being prooved succesful in drawing the attention of students as it is addicting students to itself it takes students away fron studies hence these r the parents who can minimize the gap between students and social worlsmd
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thanks everyone for helping me
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