Expert pls solve whole Q.1 fast

Expert pls solve whole Q.1 fast TUTORIALS Fm in the my last m, Now I i nave) moment _ And I (begr alreaay' 2 (trunk' My exam _ on 15 May so tee my eons successfu•. sty' And after my apprentceshlp marz •go) As "Ou / can; v«bs into the correa tense (Simple future or future pedetj

Dear Student,
  1. Have been learning
  2. had not worked,were not
  3. wanted to pass,studied
  4. had sent
  5. was, think,learned
  6. went,did not enjoy
  7. was doing, met
  8. noticed, is
  9. have, had
  10. am revising
  11. have already begun
  12. thought, will do
  13. is,is not
  14. pass, will start
  15. will go
  16. can see, have become

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Mam pls solve it fast
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