Experts answer me degree of comparison


Dear student,

5. I can ran as fast as you can.
6. Milk is not as sweet as honey.
7. Sohan is as intelligent as Mohan.
8.Gold isn't heavier than platinum.
9.Ganesh is more abler than Manoj.
10. Brain does not have as much money as he has.
11. The dog can run faster than a cat.
12. I don't do it as carefully as he does.
13. You don't know him as much as I do.
14. She doesn't know me more well than you do.
15. I know him as well as you do.
16. I would die sooner if I lie.
17. The elder brother is not as clever as the younger one.


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How many times bigger is the area of assembly ground then the of the office

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