Experts can you explain angle of dip with diagram

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Angle of dip is also known as the magnetic dip defined as the angle made by the direction of the earth’s total magnetic field with the horizontal direction. It is denoted by δ.

Near the equator the earth magnetic field almost parallel to the horizontal direction so the angle of dip is very small.

We know, the earth is a huge magnet. So, there is a direction of the geomagnetic field intensity. It remains inclined with the horizontal other than that at the equator. Since freely suspended magnet aligns itself along the direction of the geomagnetic field intensity, hence the suspended magnet without remaining in the horizontal makes some angle with it.

Example: “Angle of dip of Dhaka is 31°N” means that if a bar magnet is suspended freely from its center of gravity, the north pole of the magnetic will remain hanging downward, and its magnetic axis will make an angle of 31° with the horizontal.


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