Experts dermal, ground and vascular tissues come under meristematic tissues or permanent tissues?

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Permanent tissues can be classified in two ways:

  • Meristematic tissues differentiate and specialize into three types of permanent tissues- dermal (protects the plant), vascular (transportation of different molecules) and ground (site of photosynthesis).
  • Permanent tissues (non-meristematic) are classified into simple (parenchyma, collenchyma and sclerenchyma) and complex (xylem and phloem) according to the type of cells they contain. If cells are of a similar type they are called simple permanent tissue and if the tissue contains different types of cells, it is called complex permanent tissue.
Dermal tissue refers to the epidermis which forms a boundary around all plant parts and separates them from the external environment. 

Ground tissue is simple non-meristematic tissue that forms the base of the cell. it can have cells of three types: parenchyma, collenchyma, and sclerenchyma.

Vascular tissue or conducting tissue is involved in the transportation of water, minerals, and other substances from roots to leaves and other tissues. It contains the xylem and phloem elements.

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