Experts have u heard the chapter The Gallant Warriors. I had a question. I'll send pics in my comment of the chapter. My question is Why did Ram Singh want to seek Shah Jahan's permission.
Sending the pics of the chapter

Dear student,

Here is the answer:

Ram Singh wanted to go to Bindore  as his house had caught fire and he wanted to settle his family there. Seeing the situation Amar Singh, who was the commander in Shah Jahan's army, wanted to go with him. 
Ram Singh thus wanted to seek Shah Jahan's permission so that both of them could go to Bindore.


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No i use only ncert
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More pages are their but you'll get answer from these page only
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You'll get answer from 1st page. As this question is a type of give reason, so it is not written as clearly in book. You had to only frame it.
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