In the ncert solutions provided by your site-
Business studies-chap 5- ORGANISING -app. based questions-page no. 144
QUESTION no. "4" - "The co. manufactures the "consumer products" .Ans is being given as functional structure.
Doubt: Since,the co. is manufacturing consumer products which implies mre den 1 product. Shouldn't the ans be Divisional structure?
Kindly check $ clear it.


It is given correct in the NCERT solutions that the company should adopt Functional Structure. It is because the company is producing only consumer products and performing different functions in different areas, on the basis of which a functional structure is formed, meaning thereby, the organisation is large in size, has various activities to perform and a high degree of specialisation is required. So, Functional structure should be adopted.


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NO, the answer would be functional structure because the question had not mentioned that the company offers more than one category of product as the company only offers consumer products in which here the question has mentioned the types. For eg. a company which manufactures Garments, Food stuff and Cosmetics will b a divisional structure because they offer more than one category of products
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