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    The below question my mine is not being answered and it is being late...  I know that the questions have a standard to me of 24-48 hours to be answered.    
    Question :
    Once a teacher of my school,asked me to tell a 3 or 4 or 5 digit number to him, he then asked me to multiply it with another 3 or  4 or 5 or 6 digit number and asked me to tell that to him after I would take out the product of the two numbers. Then he asked me to say the product in which all the digits would be there in there own places and only one digit I would not tell him which would be told as a (*) and will be hidden. And he in just a matter of 5 seconds, he told the missing digit. How we perform this trick? What is the trick behind this? Explain it with 2 examples.  PLEASE... 

    LIKE: If "2465 x 5426 = 133750*0" and my teacher told me the the digit in place of the star symbol in just five seconds. HOW?

    {I know that this is not related to the course at all, but for a general knowledge which would help me in olympiads... so I asked this and want to know this PLEASE...}   ↵  ↵

    Please don't say that it is a creative and enhancing skill. I just want my answer perfectly... 

Dear student ,

In Mathematics, It  is very important to understand the concepts and memorise the formulae. In order to achieve that we need to practise mathematical problems a lot .

Here is a method for quick multiplication :

We find value of  165 × 173  , As  :

We know multiplication of any three digit number gives us maximum six digit number :

And from multiplication by vedic math , we get

Here we have after multiplication of  65 and 73 = 4745 , So we write  4745  as  45  , As on that side we can have maximum two digits   :

So ,

165 × 173=  28545                                                                ( Ans )

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