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10 advantages and disadvantages of light

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1)Sunlight itself is free and non-polluting.
2)Light use in reading book
3) Use to make solar cell
4)By light we can see
5)By light plants can grow
6)Sunlight is Source of energy
7)Sunlight helps to dry cloths
8)By sunlight we get heat 
9) Light uses in many reactions to make product
10)Light use at traffic for signal


1)Sunlight goes away every night.
2)Sunlight [mostly] goes away without warning when clouds come over.
3)Sunlight can [mostly] stay away for days at a time under cloudy weather.
4) Too much light harm full for skin
5) Bad for small plants
6) Ponds river dries in summer seasons due to sun light
7)Too much light can make a man blind
8)Due to sun light forest dries in summer seasons
9)If too hot it causes many desease in summer
10) In summer seasons due too much hot we can not play in out side

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