Experts please can you give similar and different properties between muscular tissue and neural tissue..(properties like elasticity, excitability, contractility, extensibility,...)

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Muscular tissues consist of elongated and contractile cells known as muscle cells. Muscular tissue helps muscles to contract. There are three types of muscular tissue:-Striated or skeletal, Smooth or involuntary, and cardiac. Properties of muscular tissue include:
  • Contractility: They can be shortened forcefully.
  • Excitability: They have the ability to respond to stimuli.
  • Extensibility: They can be stretched or extended.
  • Elasticity: They have the ability to return to their original length when relaxed
On the other hand, neural tissue which is made up of neurons show only two properties:
  • Excitability: They initiate a nerve impulse in response to stimuli.
  • Conductivity: They have the ability to transmit nerve impulses.
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