Experts, please explain in neat manner (tabular or any comfortable way u want):
What is circumcentre, orthocentre, incentre and centroid? What are their properties and how can they be constructed and their specific properties! Please!


Centroid is the point where all the medians meet

and circumcentre is the centre of the circle drawn to  circumscribe  a given figure.


Example :



In the given figure AD, BE and CF are the medians of ΔABC and G is its centroid

and O is the circumcentre of ΔPQR.


The incentre is the point of intersection of the angle bisectors of the triangle.

Here point D is the incentre of triangle.


The altitudes , perpendiculars from the vertices to the opposite sides of a triangle meet at a point- ORTHOCENTRE


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Circumcentre is the point through which the 3 medians of the triangles pass
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Ortocentre is the point through which all the altitudes pass
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Circumcenter is the center of a triangles circumcircle
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Centroid is the intersection of the medians
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Orthocenter is the intersection of the altitudes
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Incenter is the intersection of the angle bisectors in a triangle
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