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1) How cna say that caesur was a threat to the romans?
2) The affair was quite above the ouija board ? Justify?????

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Answer 1: Caesar was not a threat to Romans. He loved his country and countrymen and had hence, left his possessions for the people of Rome. He was considered to be a threat by the conspirators because he had won so many battles and had brought glory to the country. The conspirators had assumed that Caesar had become ambitious and he would establish a monarchial form of government if he was crowned as the king. The conspirators communicated their thoughts to the public as well but later the common folk got to know about the reality and understood that Caesar was not a threat to them.

Answer 2: 'The affair was quite above board', the statement can have two meanings. One, that the affair or the relationship which John shared with Helen, the ghost was a matter which was over the board and its usage and nothing more than that.
Two, the way Ms. Laura had reported the matter was quite exaggerated and there was no truth to it.

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