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Experts please help me Q3. Rearrange the words to make meaningful sentences. a. Cancer/lndia/year/million/detected/one/of/in/are/new/every/cases/nearby b. Tobacco/cancer/cases/of/related/are/of/these/half/to c. need/forest area/we/the/increase/to/afforestation/by d. our village/a fair/on the /there was/ occasion/in/of Eid e. tend to/worry about/most of us/we take/the risks/in life

Dear Student,

a. In India, every year, nearby one million new cases of cancer are detected. 
b. Half of these cases of cancer are related to tobacco. 
c. We need to increase the forest area by afforestation.
d. There was a fair in our village on the occasion of Eid. 
e. Most of us tend to worry about the risks we take in life.


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