Experts,please tell me in the community Owned Resources,it is written "de facto"?

What is "de facto"??

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Experts,please tell me in the community Owned Resources,it is written "de facto"? What is "de facto"?? No links plz. Identify at least two from each TYPES O' RESOURCES On the Buis of Origin Biotic life nora and nsheries. Abiotic Resources: All those things which are are called abiotic On the of Exha Renewable Reso which can be or by chemical or are as renewable replenishable resources. For example. solar and wind forests wildlife. etc. b I may fu divided or now -R.hle R over are examples of such These resources take of years in their the like metals are r«yclabk• like fuels get with u On Buis of Omsblp privately by individuals, Many farmers own land which is to them by against of In Villages with rmnership but there who plots, h ottwr p m'w•rly_ pasture lands. in wells etc, are of of by Make a Of by your household. Community Owned Resources: There are hieh are accessible all or the unity Village (gruing burial grwamls. village ponds. etc.) public parks. in areas are de lacto to all living National Resources; all the reSOunx'S belong to the nation. has legal powers to acquire even private You might roads. nelds by Urban t by the government to acquire land, All the minerals. water resources. forests. wildlife. land within the upto 12 miles (22.2 frmn the tenitOrial and resources to the es: are which regula\e resources. oceanic resources 200 miles of the to s thes the country or terna Do go' righ' to from the l„dian which lies Identify On the Basis of Status or round in a region. but have not been utilised, For example. the western parts of India Gujarat t ofwiml . so not MEd been determined (or utilisation. The development or resources depends on of Materials in the which to h. humm beings do the aprmpt•iate to are —g An equitable o' has stock, For example. Water iS a compound Of two in datum able gases: hydrogen and which a rich o f enerkv• But do rc«quired to use them this purp€ße, or which can put into use with the help existing their essential for a quality of life If of depletion by a fe.v sustainable existence of an life, Sustainable existence is a component of

Dear Student,

'De facto' means in fact, actually, really, in practice.


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May be De facto means in fact.
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