Experts pls.ans ..Q- packing is a skill and needs to be mastered ..prove it in refrence to the chapter packing (beehive class9)

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Packing turned out to be a longer job than the narrator had anticipated. As he finished packing the bag, he sat on it and strapped it, but just then Harris commented that he had forgotten to put his boots in. Jerome had to open the bag again and pack in the boots, then he remembered he might have forgotten to put in his toothbrush and it was an essential part of his travelling luggage. So, he embarked on a hunt to get his toothbrush, packing and unpacking his bag until he found it. Chaos reigned supreme in this comedy of packing and he eventually found his toothbrush in a boot. He repacked the bag once more and just then George wondered if the soap was in. The entire process was repeated and only then Jerome realised that he had packed in his tobacco pouch. At last, George and Harris were left to finish up the rest of the packing, mainly crockery and food resources. They were so inept at it that they started by breaking a cup, then Harris went on to packing a strawberry jam on top of a tomato and squashed it and when it was George's turn, he trod on butter. A simple task such as packing escalated into a comedy of errors until they were absolutely tired and distraught with their inefficiency. Thus, packing is a skill that needs to be mastered. To understand what is to be packed first and what last, to organise the items accordingly and then to place them carefully in the suitcases require great planning and precision.


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