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what the difference between hypoxia,anoxia,hypoxemia

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Hypoxia is a conditions characterized by a lack of oxygen in the body's tissues. The hypoxia may encompass the general body, or a specific area, such as the brain. In all cases, it can be dangerous or deadly, because without oxygen, the human body cannot function. Treatments for this condition usually start with providing concentrated oxygen to the patient for the purpose of stabilization, and then addressing the underlying cause of the hypoxia

Anoxia is a condition caused due to absence of oxygen supply to an organ or a tissue.  As at high altitudes the partial pressure of oxygen is low, the mole fraction (here the amount of oxygen present in air) is comparatively lower, the solubility of oxygen decreases in our blood, thus causing lesser supply of oxygen through blood capillaries to brain.

Hypoxaemia is a condition where the concentration of the oxygen becomes abnormally low in the blood. Here in this condition the partial pressure of oxygen is below normal value i.e, between 80 and 100, thus causes tissue hypoxia.

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